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color photo:  COL9-6.jpg   I am so excited that you decided to check out my blog. I have a passion for the Lord. I have a passion for being a wife and mom. I have a passion for real foods and healthy living. Check out my about pages to find out more about me, the blog and how/why I became a self-proclaimed foodie.

One thing I do not what to do is spend time writing and posting things into the great unknown. Please, please, please interact with this blog on facebook or on the posts. I love feedback and want to hear about your own experiences and ideas. So please share.

So I am a Mom of 2 beautiful girls, ages 9 and 5. I didn't know much about allergies until our first daughter was about 7 months old. We had switched her formula to a soy based formula because she had the flu and the nurse practitioner thought the soy would be more gentle on her tummy. A couple hours later we were in the ER with our baby girl who was covered from head to to with hives. This was the eye opener I had to food allergies and how some kids react to or even die from exposure to certain foods. That really is a crazy thought.

Have you heard of the Ted Talks? Below is one from Robyn O'Brien about how her first encounter with allergies and the research she uncovered about why there is such a steep rise in food allergies. Be prepared. There are things in this video that will {should} make you very upset with the FDA and food manufacturers in the US.

There are things in our foods that simply qualify them as non-foods at best and poisons at worst. It is horrible! We feed these things to our children thinking we are providing them with a well balanced, nourshed meal. I mean, that's what the packaging label said, right?

Join me as we talk about food, healthy living, exercise, natural cures, supplements, basic wellness and most importantly - truth. Truth matters!

The ultimate truth comes from God and we know that He will give us wisdom to see through advertising, big Pharma and most of all the ability to trust in Him for everything!


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